Best WYSIWYG Html Editor: Let’s Figure This Out Together…

I do not know your situation nor do I know why you are looking for an HTML editor.

I do know that I have been dealing with website creation and software for quite some time and not too many people would even know what WYSIWYG even means.

Say that at a cookout and they would ask, “When did you learn a new language?”Best WYSIWYG Html Editor

I have definitely been there before and it will often happen sometimes.

My name is Kiese, very nice to meet you by the way, and I will definitely help you today to achieve your goals.

The Best WYSIWYG HTML Editor Does Not Exist

This is a true statement…

Before you leave, please let me explain about what I am saying here.

When it comes to choosing software, everyone is different when choosing because everyone is built differently.

Maybe you just want something quick to use or maybe you want to actually learn a little bit more and learn how to adjust it all.

If you are the type that like to perfect things, certain software would give you a headache because of the restrictions they may have.

I am saying this because I am one of those individuals and I have gotten a headache, or two, dealing with some I had come across.

Ok, I am going to save that for later, allow me to continue with the reason that you are here which is to learn a little and figure out how to choose one.

I Truly Understand Why You Are Looking For One

Not to brag but I am a Full Stack Developer and I do love what I do.

Creating things was always a passion for myself and I am sure you are creating something as you are reading this post. I know I am kind of “throwing you off” but I would like for you to know why you should trust what I am saying.

The best WYSIWYG HTML editors are merely a software that someone put together and you WILL need to spend time learning that software because it was created by someone else’s brain and you will need to study and practice it.

Why not choose one that will allow you to grow and you can learn as you go?

Why not get to the point where you can EXPAND what you are learning and actually offer a service to a person that had the same problem you have already solved?

I understand there are many individuals reading this post so everyone has their own intentions.


Please do not think that my thoughts are something you have to uphold to.

I am stating this because, there are always ways to accomplish things and I am only giving my insights on it all and please take my suggestions into consideration but not treat it as if there will be no other options.

With that being said, Let’s get to what you came here for…

Best WYSIWYG HTML Editors I Would Suggest

Best WYSIWYG Html Editor

Here we go, I have chosen this list from my personal experience, but first, I would like to suggest an option that really could help you out a lot.

Have you ever heard of WordPress?

There are A LOT of upgrades including the software and even the plugins!!!

This is money well spent and if you are serious about your business, this is the place to be at.

It is a free software and you would just need 3 things the get started, which are…

  1. Web Hosting
  2. A Domain Name
  3. A Quality Theme

That is it!!!

That’s probably about 150 dollars upfront to get started, depending on where you get these things from it  could be less, and that would cover you for a WHOLE YEAR!!!

I never suggest ANYTHING that will not bring long term success to you or your business and I will always stay true to that statement.

With that being said, I will definitely give you the list of the best WYSIWYG HTML editors I have come across.

The reason why I am doing this is because I remember starting out and I always needed somewhere to begin creation.

Here is my list…

  • Froala Editor
  • Dreamweaver
  • Microsoft Expression
  • Quill
  • Blue Griffon

These will be free but I can only say that at this moment because FREE comes and goes on the Internet and that is the reason why I would like for you to consider my thoughts in this situation.

I know I have been trying to convince you during this whole post to think a little differently, but if you are still reading this, thank you and I will explain in detail.

The Day I Woke Up And Almost Cried

So, I started out using a program that I felt was the best WYSIWYG HTML editor so that I could build a website around basketball.

I planned on talking about news, the history of players, pictures, and even finding an affiliate program so that I could make money from the website.

I would wake up and dedicate 4 hours and day to the website because I wanted it to be successful and it was around a topic I truly enjoyed.

Best WYSIWYG Html EditorAfter about 3 months, I was getting a decent amount of traffic and even made some sales along the way!!! I was determined to keep going and see how far this website could really take me.

Then, I woke up one day and everything was gone!!!


I was not sure if the creators of the software lost funding or what, it was free software, but all of my work was gone without being notified.

Even if I was notified, how would I even be able to move the website without having web hosting and I never cared to purchase a domain, though I should have.

It was a terrible life lesson and I surely would not like for anyone to go through the same thing that I had gone through.


Your Goals Depend On Your Path

Thanks for sticking with me so far and I really do appreciate it.

I have had my successes and failures and I am only here to help you out.

If you are just starting out, think about what you want to achieve and whether it is short term or long term.

If it is short term, a WYSIWYG HTML editor is a great start, but if long term success is your goal then please consider my suggestion I stated about WordPress.

Either way, I wish the best of luck to you and please leave a comment below if you have any questions or just wanted to say hello!!!

Thanks for reading.





Marckiese Buford


  1. Hi I enjoyed reading your article. I was using Dreamweaver to build my site before I realised WordPress is a lot more fun and automated. I was only doing it for fun though and did not monetise it. Keep up the good work. cheers, Eric from 35mmlens.com

    • Thank you so much for giving it a read!!!

      I worked with Dreamweaver also and I found that mastering WordPress would be the right direction to go.

      If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out!!!

      Thanks again for reading.


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