How To Make A HTML Website: Methods,Software, And More

When I first started out on my Web Development journey, how to make a HTML website was one of the first assignments I had to conquer.

I never went to school formally so I had to really hold myself accountable for making sure I stayed on task.

I paid for courses, read books, scoured the internet, and then put in the work in order to figure it all out.

I did reach out to mentors online that I could find for guidance and that is what you should do as well. Please include me on that list because I am always willing to help.

Whether you are here as a fellow web developer or someone just looking to put together a website for their business, you will learn a lot from this post I promise.

I have tried not to over complicate things and to make sure to point you in the right direction in order for you to succeed in whatever goal that you How To Make A HTML Websitehave.

Without wasting anymore time, let’s begin.

What Is HTML And Why Should You Care?

HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. It is the building block to every webpage that you see including this page you are reading right now.

In essence, HTML is responsible for structuring the webpage and the style of the letters and lists that you see.

Here is an example, for every paragraph that I create there is HTML involved it involves an html tag to make it happen. The colors and how things move are a completely different subject so I will not go into it that much here in this post.

The reason why HTML is so important is because this will be a skill necessary when creating a website, period.

Even if it is a site builder that makes it seamless to create a website, there will be certain times where you may have to go into the code in order to add something important. Plus, it is pretty cool to learn because people may think you are a genius and not many people even know where to start when looking at a code.

But enough about that, let’s keep it moving…

Learning How To Make A HTML Website Has Different Approaches

Alright, as I have mentioned before, you can build an HTML website from nothing or you can use a site builder.

So, what exactly is the difference in the two?How To Make A HTML Website

How you would choose either one depends on how much real control you would like to have on your website.

There are Pros and Cons to both paths and will be listing those later on in this post, but please understand that it is all about what you would like to achieve.

WordPress allows you to have a visual view, What You See Is What You Get, and the coding view for digging deeper into things. I am not saying there are not other programs out there but this is the one I prefer.

Choosing one or the other would be determined by how deep you plan on learning HTML as well.

If you decide that you are going to follow the same route that I have, you would more than likely choose the coding route because you want to learn more, have more control, and maybe even freelance to earn some cash.

If you are a person that just wants to put a website together in a step by step process, then a “done for you” approach would greater serve you.

I could go on and on about this but how about we dig deeper into the two options.

How To Make A HTML Website By Coding From Scratch

Pro: If you learn this skill, you are only two more skills away from being able to land a job as a developer

Con: You would really need to learn some advanced HTML to pull off some amazing things which would take time.

I like this route because starting here allowed me to build a business around myself and become the developer I am today. Once you get HTML, CSS, and JavaScript down, you are pretty much a Frontend Web Developer and it is a great field to be in.

Web Design Book Jon Duckett

Ok, here is your quick guide to building an HTML website by coding.

  1. “Google” Sublime Text 3 and download it. There is a free version so you do not have to worry about paying anything
  2. Youtube tutorials on using Sublime Text 3 as there are so many ways to use it and this post would be 10,000 words long if I went into detail. You can read my post about it by clicking here.
  3. Next,visit this link to learn a ton about HTML for free and while you are at it, learn some CSS while you are there
  4. Now, take all of that knowledge and go here to put it all together

*Note: I stated Sublime Text 3 as the editor because that is what I prefer. Feel free to look around for more as there are plenty out there.

I told you it would be tough but if you do not want to learn all of that stuff above, you can proceed to the next section if you need something built at this very moment

Building A Website Using Simple HTML Editors

Pro: This is a truly fast option and in a lot of cases, you could crank out a great looking website in only 30 minutes

Con: Often times this option limits what you would like for your website to look like. If a certain theme/layout has a default font and you would like to change it, you would have to contact the creator or choose a new one.

WordPress is my preference, as I have stated prior, and it is easy to use once you practice and study a little. You could have something impressive to look at in one day if you wanted to.

I am not knocking any other software I am only speaking from experience.

Now, here is a nice list of HTML editors that I like and are easy to use

These are some ones that I have used in the beginning stages of web development and I believe they will work just fine for you as well.

Some of these are paid so be sure it is a great fit for you before you try them out and many have a free trial whenever you first sign up.

There Is No Wrong Answer Here

Learning how to build a HTML website is fun as long as you make it such.

Even if you take just a few of my suggestions from the above section on learning to code, you will be surprised at exactly how easy it can be learned once you know the basics.

As always, feel free to leave a comment below and thank you for reading.





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