How To Make A Website With WordPress: WP Engine May Well Be The Solution

Learning how to make a website with WordPress is quite essential these days.

As I was learning how to build websites, I struggled a lot in order to figure out a great way to create an effective website that would accomplish 2 main goals for myself which are;

  1. Something easy to use so that I would not create a huge problem as far as how much of a learning curve I would have to endure.
  2. Something that would provide guidance in order to grow my website in the best way possible to give me the best success that I could get out of it.

As simple as that may sound, there are not as many solutions that you may think that they are in regard to either one but WP Engine is definitely one that I had come across that helped me accomplish them both.

In this review, I will be covering why it is such a great tool and how it can be very beneficial to your success.

Let’s begin…

First, Why Listen To Me?

I ask myself that everyday.

I’m kidding.

I am a Full Stack Developer and I have tried out plenty of software over the years.

I mean along the lines of something new every month and in the beginning EVERY WEEK!!!

This one came with a 60-day risk free so I had no choice but to take advantage of that and I don’t regret it at all.

Now, if you are looking for a great place to start your W0rdpress journey, this would be it.

Great Things About WP Engine

WordPress is one of the most versatile content management systems I have come across thus far.

I can only speak from my experience but it is very powerful and easy to use once you work on navigating it.

When it comes to WP Engine, they make it even easier by providing solutions that many individuals/companies may have.

I will list a few below in order to give you a better understanding…

  • It comes with 35 Studio Themes and Genesis Framework
  • Cusotmer Service is 24/7/365 so you will always get help when you need it
  • Ultimate protection from threats so you know that your website stays secure

And plenty more but I just wanted to hit on the things I truly like about the product. I speak with them often and the customer service is so great you would think that you would be speaking with a friend.

How I like To Use The Product

There are plenty of guides and help to make sure that you are as successful as possible which would help you whether you are a beginner or expert when it comes to WordPress.

If you are an individual that is tight on cash, it is so affordable and it includes hosting!!!

To be honest with you, I would build websites for other companies and charge them a fee for the setup and every month for maintaining each month. It helps you out financially and it helps them to grow their brand so it is a win-win for the both of you.

If you are a business owner, it takes away from having to worry about the website and focus more on what you do best which is focusing on your clients/customers.

Is WP Engine For You?

How to make a website WordPress is a tough question to answer but this product is perfect for you if you are running a business and want online exposure or would like to fast-track your success from a beginning level.

It is also beneficial to individuals just starting out learning how to make a website with WordPress because it guides you pretty well and exposes you to the ends and the outs of WordPress.


What Is Great About WP Engine

Customer service is AWESOME!!!

The latest I have ever gotten a response is about 12 hours!!!

They really are big on making their clients happy and I can’t thank them enough for putting us first.

Have you EVER waited days or even weeks for an email reply? You start to feel like your message was never sent or just lost in the shuffle for that matter and once they finally get to you it still does not fix the issue that you had in the first place.

I am so sorry for ranting but it is a nerve wrecker of mine especially if you are in the middle of a big project and that one issue is holding you back.

Again, I really love their customer service and they actually help you a lot when it comes to actually using WP Engine.

What Is Not So Great About WP Engine

Whenever I make suggestions on something, the good always come with the bad.

Nothing in this world is perfect and that includes this product also, although, it is very small.

I am a HUGE fan of having a lot of flexibility and that includes plenty of themes for my website.

Sure, you could create your own from scratch but that is very time-consuming and a place like Theme Forest does exist and they have a TON of themes to choose from and that is my go to place for themes.

Don’t get me wrong, what is included with WP Engine is amazing but I am who I am and they may not be a bother to you but as a developer, I need those different avenues by nature.

Other than that, I honesty believe it would help you in your journey on how to make a website with WordPress.

Final Thoughts

I truly hope that this review has been beneficial for you and this is only the start to be honest.

If you want to begin fast, I really recommend this product and learn as you go because when I was starting out, I allowed information overload to take its toll on me.

As always, I think you so much for reading and if you would not mind, please leave a comment below and I would be more than happy to respond.

Cheers to your success!!!

Marckiese Buford

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